Chinese Idiom CAO MU JIE BING 成语 草木皆兵

cao mu jie bing

Chinese idiom CAO MU JIE BING  is used to describe people when they are very frightened, they will be nervous and scared to death if they have a little trouble; it often describes the fear of losers.

成语草木皆兵是形容人在十分惊恐之时稍微有风吹草动 便紧张害怕得要命;常形容失败者的恐惧心理 。


草木皆兵 [cǎo mù jiē bīng]

草木皆兵 [cǎo mù ]:The grass and trees

皆 [ jiē ]: is

兵 [bīng]:soldier




During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, most of the north was ruled by the Former Qin Dynasty. Fu Jian, the king of the former Qin Dynasty, was very ambitious and tried to rule the whole of China. In the nineteenth year of Jianyuan of the former Qin Dynasty (383), he personally led hundreds of thousands of troops to the south. The situation was very unfavorable for the Eastern Jin Dynasty, but the main battle faction headed by Prime Minister Xie An was not afraid of danger and decided to use a strategy to defeat the enemy several times more than their own.



Xie Anxian sent people to spread the news that the Jin army was short of troops and that food and forage were about to run out. Fu Nuo was fooled, and immediately left the large army in Xiangcheng. With only 8,000 elite soldiers, he traveled day and night to Shouyang. At the same time, the Jin army took advantage of the cover of night to raid the Qin army stationed in Luojian. Qin Jun, who did not take Jin Jun seriously at all, never dreamed that Jin Jun would suddenly come, and many people died in their sleep. In this battle, the Qin army lost more than 15,000 people, and the general Liang Cheng was also killed.

谢安先让人到处散布晋军兵少、粮草将尽的消息. 苻坚果然上当了,立即把大部队留在项城,自己只带了八千精兵,日夜兼程,赶到寿阳。与此同时,晋军趁着夜幕掩护,突袭驻守在洛涧的秦军。根本没把晋军放在眼里的秦军,做梦也没想到晋军会从天而降,许多人还在睡梦之中就做了刀下鬼。这一仗秦军损失一万五千多人,大将梁成也被杀死。


When Fu Jian heard the news that the Jin army had captured Luojian, he was shocked, and immediately climbed to the top of Shouyang City to watch the movements of the Jin army on the other side of the Feishui River. It was in the middle of winter at that time, and it happened to be a cloudy day. From a distance, Jin soldiers were armed with swords and halberds, and the lineup was very strict. The grass and trees on the mountain moved with the wind, as if countless Eastern Jin soldiers were practicing. Fu Jian’s face turned pale with fright, he turned his head in horror and said , “Who said the Jin army a weak team? It is a strong team clearly!”



Soon, Xie Xuan asked Fu Jian to step back the army a little so that the Jin army could cross the Feishui decisive battle. Fu Jian was fooled again, the former Qin army was suddenly attacked by the Jin army when they were retreating and defeat. This is the battle of Feishui in history, in which the less defeated the more and the weak defeated the strong.



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