Learn Chinese Idiom Handanxuebu 邯郸学步

Chinese Idiom Handanxuebu

Learn Chinese idiom Handanxuebu

This idiom means that if you just imitate others mechanically, you will not only fail to learn the strengths of others, but will also lose your own strengths.




邯郸 [hán dān ] :the capital of the State of Zhao; 战国时期赵国都城;

学步 [ xué ] :to learn;

步 [ bù] : walk ;



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During the Warring States Period, there was a young man in the State of Yan. He heard that the people in Handan, the capital of the State of Zhao, walked very gracefully, so he decided to go to study. He came to Handan in a turbulent manner. Sure enough, he saw the people on the street walking very elegantly, walking with great manners, and showing a graceful demeanor in every gesture.



The young man hurriedly followed the pedestrians on the road to imitate. When others stepped on their left feet, he followed with their left feet; when others stepped on their right feet, he followed with their right feet. But after a few days of learning, he couldn’t learn it at all, and the more he walked, the more awkward his posture was.



For three months, he practiced diligently every day, but he never learned the walking posture of the Handan people. Instead, he forgot his original way of walking. In the end, the young man didn’t know how to walk at all, so he had to crawl back to the state of Yan.






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