Learn Chinese Idiom Shouzhudaitu 守株待兔

chinese idiom shouzhudaitu

Learn Chinese Idiom Shouzhudaitu 守株待兔

This idiom is a metaphor for those who try to be gained without giving or the inflexible person.




Shouzhudaitu 守株待兔

守[shǒu ] keep watch; 看守,看管;


待[dài ] wait; 等待;

兔[ tù] rabbit ;



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SHOU ZHU DAI TU is an idiom evolved from a fable.



Many years ago, there was a man of Song States who had a fertile field. He worked hard on the field and had good harvest. There was a tree stump in the field, and when he was tired from work, he rested for a while beside the tree stump.



One day, while he was plowing the fields, a rabbit came and ran away in a hurry, but it hit the tree stump and died. The man ran over to have a look, and was very happy: “Today’s so lucky, I have harvested a rabbit for nothing!” He took the rabbit home and thought triumphantly: “If I wait by the stump and get a rabbit every day ,  then I don’t need to work so hard.”

有一天,他正在田地里耕作,不知从哪儿来了一只兔子,急急忙忙地奔逃,结果一头撞死在了树桩上。他跑过去一看, 高兴得不得了:“今天的运气真好,白白收获了一只兔子!”他拎着兔子一边往家走,一边得意扬扬地想:“要是我每天都在这里等着收获一只兔子,那以后就可以不用这么劳累了。”


So, from that day, he put down his hoe and stayed beside the tree stump every day, waiting for the rabbit to run over and hit the tree stump to death. Time passed day by day, and the fields were overgrown with weeds and desolate. The man were still waiting beside the tree stump, but no rabbits were killed again.








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