Chinese Idiom Yanerdaoling 成语 掩耳盗铃

Chinese Idiom Yanerdaoling

Chinese Idiom Yanerdaoling  metaphor stupid and deceitful behavior.




Chinese Idiom Yanerdaoling 掩耳盗铃

掩 [yǎn]; to cover with hand; 原意指遮蔽、遮盖;


盗: [dào]; steal ; 偷;窃取;

铃: [Líng];bell;




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The original meaning of this idiom is to cover one’s own ears to steal the bell from someone else’s house.



It is a metaphor to deceive oneself, try to cover up something that cannot be covered up obviously. It is mostly used to satirize those who do not want others to know, but attract other’ attention.





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