Chinese Idioms Caomujiebing 草木皆兵

Chinese idioms Caomujiebing  is used to describe people when they are very frightened, they will be nervous and scared to death if they have a little trouble; it often describes the fear of losers. 成语草木皆兵是形容人在十分惊恐之时稍微有风吹草动 便紧张害怕得要命;常形容失败者的恐惧心理 。   Chinese idioms Caomujiebing: Learn Chinese

Chinese Idioms Handanxuebu 邯郸学步

Chinese Idioms Handanxuebu  means that if you just imitate others mechanically, you will not only fail to learn the strengths of others, but will also lose your own strengths. 成语[邯郸学步]是说如果只是机械地模仿别人,不但学不到别人的长处,反而会把自己的优点也丢掉。   Chinese Idioms Handanxuebu : Learn Chinese in Story  More Details

Chinese Idioms Shouzhudaitu 守株待兔

  Chinese Idioms Shouzhudaitu  refers to delusions that can be gained without giving or the inflexible person. 成语守株待兔比喻那些妄图不劳而获或不知变通的人。   Learn Chinese Class in Story:  More Details about Chinese Idioms Shouzhudaitu 守株待兔        

Chinese Idioms Yanerdaoling 掩耳盗铃

Chinese Idiom Yanerdaoling  metaphor stupid and deceitful behavior. 掩耳盗铃这个成语比喻愚蠢和欺骗的行为。   Learn Chinese Class in Story :<More Details >about Chinese idiom Yanerdaoling .    

Chinese Story of Confucius 孔子的故事

Chinese story of Confucius 孔子的故事   Confucius is a great educator and thinker in China. 孔子是中国伟大的教育家和思想家。   He set up the first school for common people ,and brought together folk songs which is the first collection of poetry in China, called “Book of Songs”.After Confucius

Chinese Poetry ChunXiao 唐诗 春晓

Chinese Poetry ChunXiao     《Chūnxiǎo春晓》 –孟浩然 Chūnmián bù jué xiǎo 春眠不觉晓 I awake light-hearted this morning of spring Chùchù wén tí niǎo 处处闻啼鸟 Everywhere round me the sining of birds Yèlái fēngyǔ shēng 夜来风雨声 But now I remember the night,the storm Huā luò zhī duōshǎo 花落知多少 And I

Chinese Valentine’s Day Qi XI Festival 七夕

Chinese Valentine’s Day Qi Xi Festival 七夕中国情人节   It is said that every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, all magpies will fly to the sky to build a magpie bridge for the Cowherd and Vega reunion. 据说每年农历七月初七,人间所有的喜鹊都会飞到天上,为牛郎织女团聚搭鹊桥。